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  • Sale! pagers for sale

    Any Motorola Referb. Numeric Pager

    Original price was: $170.00.Current price is: $120.00.

    Pay for 1 Year of Regular paging service and get a pager free with NO SALES TAX

    • FREE
    • Multi Alerts, chirp & vibrate, Vib only
    • Time stamp
    • Holds multiple messages
    • Alarm
    • Lock / unlock messages
    • Numeric only
    • Automatic Message Deletion
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  • Sale! alphanumeric pager for sale

    Free Motorola Advisor Gold Elite – Referb

    Original price was: $194.00.Current price is: $144.00.

    Pay for 1 Year of Alphanumeric paging service and get this pager free with NO SALES TAX

    • FREE
    • 4 lines display
    • 7 Alerts, chirp & vibrate, Vib only
    • Time stamp
    • Holds up to 19 messages
    • Alarm
    • Notebooks
    • Lock / unlock messages
    • Private time
    • Both Alphanumeric and Numeric
    • Automatic Message Deletion
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  • Sale! free pager service

    Reactivating your old pager

    Original price was: $12.00.Current price is: $8.00.

    Reactivate your old pager and pay only $8 per month for as many months as you like. SAVE $4/MO + NO SALES TAX

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Buy High-Quality And Reliable Pagers At Best Prices

Pagers were quite popular many years ago, and the fact is some people still have one at home. These devices are highly safe and impossible to hack. On the other hand, these devices are very easy to use. That’s why law enforcement agencies, police, medical industry, fire departments, lawyers, and more are using these devices. If you are looking for a perfect platform to buy new or used pager, you can always trust Get Pagers.

With more than 30 years of experience in this industry, we understand our client’s requirements. If you are looking for pagers of all the best international brands and genuine quality pagers to be used in your business, your search ends here. At Get Pagers, you will find different types of pagers from well-known brands like Motorola and more. Besides, we offer these devices at the most affordable prices. Check out the available products and place your order now. How about buying a Motorola refurbished numeric pager at just $50 sales tax included! Sounds good, right?

We can help you to get the best pager that will suit your unique requirements. Besides, here you will find the latest offers on pagers and save money whenever you decide to buy.

Our Pagers Offer Different Key Benefits

  • You will enjoy reliable networks. That means it ensures faster transmission of the messages even in emergencies.
  • Robust signals- In general, cell sites may cover around 10 to 15 miles. However, with a pager available at Get Pagers, you will enjoy a signal coverage of around 150 to 180 miles, allowing you to effectively communicate in rural and rugged locations.
  • Developed To transmit important messages – You don’t have to spend your time sorting out important messages from emails or texts. You will save time.
  • No storage of your patients’ or clients’ data.
  • Recharging is quite simple.
  • Come under your budget.

Check Out Our Alpha Numeric Pagers

Our alphanumeric pagers offer you numbers and words. We are feeling proud to say that our alphanumeric pagers are the most reliable and affordable wireless devices that one can use. Our paging network has reached more than 90 percent of the US population. It proves that we are more reliable than mobile networks during the events of a disaster.

The alpha numeric pagers available at Get Pagers are feature-rich and widely used by first responders, medical workers, fire departments, and more. They are designed and developed to work perfectly under the toughest conditions.

Best Numeric Pagers At Affordable Prices

Our numeric pagers come with a large display and can show up to 12 digits along with 10 icons. The devices have 16 to 20 message memory capacity, and some models support auto-off and on functions. These are quite popular among doctors, law enforcement officials, and more. Get one now.

Our Guarantee

Get Pagers is highly committed to its clients’ success. We always want our customers to be 100 percent satisfied with our high-quality and branded pagers as well as pager services.

If you don’t like the pager that you have purchased from us or if it is not working properly, don’t worry. We will refund the amount or replace the item with a new one as per your instructions.

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